Showcase 1: Check-in

The garden reflecting the owner.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to see Showcase 1, so I popped over to check in. The plants got the earliest start of all of the gardens I’m playing in, so there were lots of seedlings sprouting. She had also put in some warm-weather crops. They went in a little earlier than I had suggested, but we hadn’t had any frosts, so they were doing ok, just growing slowly at the moment.

The labels are so cute.

Aside from all the seedlings and transplants happily growing away, and the irises that were tickled pink about their move to the front yard, the best part about the garden was that the owner, well, owned it. A garden is a garden is a garden until it gets those touches that make it yours. In this case, it was a prettily paved path and plant labels that her daughter helped her color in. When I started talking to people about letting me play in their gardens, I kept hearing “Plant whatever you want.” The thing is, I don’t want to have lots of my gardens dotted around town. I want to help people grow their gardens. Of course I will offer opinions about some things, but in the end, the garden should reflect the owner more than the advice-giver.

It’s amazing what a little elbow room and manure can do.

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