Showcase 2, RCG Beds: Hot weather plants


I planted my hot weather veggies- specifically, tomatoes and peppers, a couple of weeks ago. There were a total of 9 pepper plants in Showcase 2, three bell, three jalapeno, and three chili. I also planted one bell pepper in bed B of my RCG beds. I’m not much of a pepper person, but the owner of Showcase 2 is. She got three tomato plants, and RCG A got two. I think we will not lack for peppers or tomatoes when the harvesting starts.

RCG B. You can see the three garlics that have decided that being planted in May is no reason not to participate.

The tough part of peppers and tomatoes around here is that they are not frost-hardy and I don’t have any of the nifty things to save them from a frost. In most of the country, once you’re a week or two past the last frost date, you’re fine. Well, it was snowing on Mount Evans a week before I planted, and a couple of days after I did the planting, Pikes Peak had a fresh white mantle as well. Granted, both of them are “Fourteeners” or mountains at fourteen thousand feet, but at around six thousand feet above sea level, we aren’t that far below the clouds that were dropping snow.

Showcase 2’s tomatoes and their brush trellis. The straw was purchased for the potatoes, but the other plants seem to like it, too.

They are growing fairly slowly at this point, but it hasn’t been consistently warm to really encourage them. The beans, however, seem to be quite pleased with themselves. It turns out the beans in RCG A are bush beans, not pole beans. Oh well. There are two types of pole beans and another type of bush bean in Showcase 2. We are using the dead brush in the corner of the garden as the bean trellis. When I was cleaning out some of the live stuff and the ones that seemed the most likely to poke an eye out, I ended up with enough spare branches to knock together a brush trellis for the tomatoes. That way, we don’t have to buy one. At least not this year. I don’t imagine it will last more than one.

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