National Western Stock Show: Part 2

I apologize for the posting delay. This is part two from my day at the National Western Stock Show: Horses.

Stock show 073

Getting used to the arena for the Western Dressage Clinic with Cliff Swanson.

Stock show 085

Mom, Dad- I know what I want for Christmas. (One of these decades this will work. I just know it.)

Stock show 092

Is that a girl over there?!

Stock show 096

No, not the human ones . . .

Stock show 147

Of course, when I met him in his stall, all he wanted was attention. (Morgan stallions. Love ’em.)

Stock show 097

Four very different horses and riders showing us what dressage training can look like with a western flair.

Stock show 103

Apparently these critters, Norwegian Fjords, made the passage in Viking longboats when they invaded Scotland.

Stock show 105

Is it me, or is that a huge mule?

Stock show 113

I almost passed out when I saw this. Someone applied logic to the fact that horses can be dangerous? I’m used to Maryland where no such logic is applied, despite the strong horse culture in the area.

Stock show 134

Seven months old.

Stock show 135

Older, but not fully grown.

Stock show 118

The fully grown Shires don’t fit quite as well. However, you probably could fit a full community of hobbits in one of those.

Stock show 142

The Percherons don’t fit so well, either.

Stock show 152

The Clydesdales came in two types. Super, duper, shiny, show critters and . . .

Stock show 153

Real horses! Who happen to be more laid back.

Stock show 139

Meet the biggest donkey, and the biggest ears, I have ever seen in my life. If you were wondering, this is what a giant jack ass looks like.

Stock show 123


Stock show 184

My camera didn’t have a prayer at capturing the Evening With Dancing Horses, but I heartily recommend it if you’re in Denver next year. I thought it was very cool that they had a meet-and-greet afterward with the stars. And their handlers.

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