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Merry Mid-Winter!

The winter solstice, and the apparent end of the world according to the Mayans, have passed. Most of the northern hemisphere has, is, or is about to celebrate their mid-winter holiday of choice. Why do we celebrate mid-winter? Religions, of course, tend to have a holiday at that time for reasons of their own. However, our interest in this time, and our focus on the point when days stop getting shorter and start getting longer is older than that. There are a lot of factors that go into why life exists on this planet, but even primitive man could see that without the sun, we have nothing. After the longest night of the year, the promise of warmth, light, and growth is renewed. The obvious beauty of summer sun and blooming flowers is sleeping, but beauty is there none-the-less.

Maine 030

Sunset over a New England pond.

Maine 013


Frost heaves with no ground-cover to keep it contained.

Fog, beach, knitting, train 004

Wishing I was Ansel Adams.

Fog, beach, knitting, train 036

Periwinkles and pumpkin seeds. The offerings from the ocean.

Fog, beach, knitting, train 055

New England knows how to do grim winter skies, but even they have their own quiet beauty.

Fog, beach, knitting, train 060

There’s some beauty in indoor pursuits.

Denver 034

Even lack of obvious beauty is fixable with a little creativity.

I hope everyone is having a merry, but more to the point, beautiful, mid-winter.

Denver 048