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Time to Grow!

Showcase 2, apparently, is going to grow whether I help out or not.

walk, pea patch, helmet 029

An onion from last year.

walk, pea patch, helmet 030

Maybe garlic? It doesn’t look quite right, though.

walk, pea patch, helmet 033

Tulips. In last year’s potato patch.

walk, pea patch, helmet 034

More tulips. I’ll try to dig around these when I start digging over that bit for the grass.

walk, pea patch, helmet 032

Digging over the pea patch. When you’re working organic material into the soil (the straw), the decomposition process sucks nitrogen out of the soil. You want to dig it over at least a couple of weeks before you plant so that a nitrogen deficiency doesn’t slow down the growth of the seedlings. However, given how much nitrogen we had in the soil last year, I think I’ll be pretty safe with just giving it a couple of days before I put the seeds in.