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Stock Show Parade

This past Thursday was the parade that opened the National Western Stock Show in Denver. To celebrate the history of the city, it opens with 1,000 head of longhorns being driven through downtown from Union Station to the fairgrounds. Naturally, I had to go check it out.

Stock show parade 008

Mr. Denver. The bull, not the cowboys.

Stock show parade 010

How cute are they?

Stock show parade 012

I was wondering if they were the ones that would supply the longhorns.

Stock show parade 015

I need to work on picking my spots for photography.

Stock show parade 019

There were lots of cowboys and cowgirls to keep the critters moving.

Stock show parade 022

I thought about being a mounted police officer once upon a time.

Stock show parade 024

Can you have a parade without a stagecoach? Not out here!

Stock show parade 030

When I heard “floats” I assumed they’d be pulled by tractors or trucks. Belgians are so much cooler.

Stock show parade 036

The glitz begins . . .

Stock show parade 040

A 1929 six-speed special, as the vanity plate proclaims. Looks like new!

Stock show parade 048

Now that’s a get-up.

Stock show parade 052

Is it bad that I forgot who he was, just that he was someone important?

Stock show parade 053

Here’s the beer! Oh, it’s more people.

Stock show parade 059

It ain’t a parade without a firetruck. (The little girl in front of me was waving to everybody. They were all waving back.)

Stock show parade 063

My favorites in the draft world. Percherons.

Stock show parade 070

I’m starting to think everyone around here owns a horse.

Stock show parade 078

I’m not sure who they were, but there were about a gazillion of them.

Stock show parade 081

They’re just like teddy bears! Evil, adorable, teddy bears.

Stock show parade 084

The cavalry even made it.

Stock show parade 086

With their chuck wagon. You know, between the two of them, those mules had an ear for each direction.

Stock show parade 088

Need we say more?

Stock show parade 091

Raise your hand if you’ve ever seen sleigh bells on a horse before?

Stock show parade 100

Now this part of the parade I recognize from growing up in farm country.

Stock show parade 108

A necessity after driving 1,000 head of cattle and at least 2,000 head of horses down city streets.

I hope you folks enjoyed the parade as much as I did! Hopefully I’ll get up to the stock show to get some pictures of that, too.

P.S. I might obsess a little over horses, but they were also 90% of the parade, so that many horse pictures isn’t totally my fault.